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 Astrology is Enlightenment    

Lift the veil... 


My core interest lies in the power of self-awareness and how relating to ourselves first helps us relate to others. Life is fundamentally about relationships. Everything we do comes back to relating on one level or another and through relating we experience soul growth.
I explore the energy in your birth chart and in the now moment. By empowering you with the strength to express that energy positively, boldly, wisely and spiritually, you will be able to make steps towards a personal metamorphosis, experiencing an enlightened journey forward.
Using the Moon's Nodes for self-awareness
North Node astrology fascinates me because of the rewarding satisfaction that comes with "lifting the veil" on your own personal growth. I use the Nodes as a compass in my Readings. They accurately describe the foundation upon which the Birth Chart is built and they bring the purpose of the planetary positions and patterns into clear perspective.
The North Node represents the soul's intent in this lifetime and outlines what your soul came here to accomplish so that it might grow and evolve. The South Node is the soul's past, it is the comfortable path to walk and represents all that is familiar to us.
Starting with the link on the left titled "North Node Calendar" you will find a list of dates which show the astrological sign the North Node was in at the time of your birth. Once you have established your North Node sign, you can click on the applicable link below the calendar and read about the direction you are here to take in this lifetime. When transiting planets or progressed planets make contact with your North Node, it represents opportunities and lessons that assist you in becoming conscious of needed changes in your life, which if followed will bring about growth and evolution.



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